2019-001: Assessments and Fees

As per the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario Act, 2016, the proposed fee rule 2019-001 was posted on October 5, 2018 for a 90-day public consultation, during which 84 submissions were received. FSRA has reviewed the submissions received and is proposing to revise certain provisions of the proposed Fee Rule.

Other than a generally applicable change providing 30 days (rather than 14) for the payment of assessment invoices, the only notable changes are the following sector-specific refinements to address comments received, with no impact on other sectors:

  • revert to status quo fees for health service providers (no exemption for 6 or fewer SAB claims);
  • continue deposit-based assessments, in accordance with DICO practices, for a transitional year; and
  • an enhanced definition of “other” pension beneficiaries.

The proposed revisions are detailed by sector in the Notice and Request for Further Comment on Proposed Fee Rule 2019-001.

Dialogue and consultation will be at the core of FSRA's approach to its ambitious transformation and modernization plan. FSRA welcomes comments until February 25, 2019.

Type: Rule
Number: 2019-001
Date: 2019-02-04
Comments Due: 2019-02-25
Sector: All sectors
Status: Out for public comment